Mulvane, KS Tornados
Touchdown at K15 and Greenwich Road
June 12, 2004 approx. 8:00 pm
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(Pictures taken and copyrighted by Todd A. Johnson) 

This funnel was just west of Todd's house.  It was descending

The funnel is dropping a little lower.

The funnel is starting to ascend.

The funnel is back into the clouds.

Mean looking stuff

The end of that funnel

Rotation is starting another funnel

Here is another funnel descending.

Touching the ground

This funnel is about 1 mile NE.

Debris cloud is forming

It's starting to ascend.

Damage has been done.  2 homes destroyed; no injuries or fatalities.

(Pictures taken and copyrighted by Todd A. Johnson, 2004)
(Image use is prohibited unless written permission is granted by Todd A. Johnson,)