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This is Samantha and Sydney’s page.  Here’s a glimpse of this past year and what Sam & Syd have been up to.  Hard to believe that 2008 is nearly over!  Sam is having fun in kindergarten and she enjoys learning all the new stuff.  Syd is always on the move whether she is being girly with her dresses and lipgloss or frog and toad hunting and getting dirty from catching critters.  The girls’ Christmas Program was this week and it was very good.  Sam will have another one next week at her elementary school. They are both ready for Christmas and our house is decorated top to bottom. 

Thanks for stopping by...Hopefully we will be able to update the page as quickly as the girls are growing up!

Sam & Syd




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Halloween 2008

Pumpkin carving was a lot of fun this year.  The weather was great and the girls designed their own Jack O’ Lanterns.  Pulling the seeds out was the best part!!

The finished products and two proud pumpkin artists.

Sam is showing Syd the proper way to bowl.

Syd’s fourth birthday party.  She got a new tacklebox and some tackle from Samantha.

Samantha got a bow and arrow set for her sixth birthday.  She doesn’t look at all excited, does she??

Syd and Jill posing with a scarecrow out at the Pumpkin Patch.

The girls had a good time at the Pumpkin Patch this year.  They really enjoyed the animals there and this lamb got a workout from all the petting.

Just hanging out at the horse barn.

Sam driving the horse cart with her Grandma in the Atlanta Labor Day Parade.

I’m ready for the PARADE!!

Final preparations for the parade.  Gotta make sure pony is looking her best!!

Riding can be very serious business...

Anybody want a glass of freshly squeezed cat juice??

Sam and Syd, the horse whisperers

This is the picture of Sam just before she headed off for her first day of kindergarten.

Sam and Syd at Cabela’s in KC.

Relaxing at Nana and Papa’s pool.  Not a bad way to spend a hot summer day.

Woo Hoo!!

Sydney really enjoyed the pool this year.  She really liked the mask and snorkel Nana got for her.

Syd with her box of frogs.

Horses and flip-flops, sounds like a Kenny Chesney song...

Sydney taking her turn on the pony.

Crocodile Hunters!

If it crawls, hops, slithers, or flies Syd is going to catch it!

Sydney with another of her “pets”.

We had more box turtles come through our place this year than ever before.  Sam was quick to catch the turtles, name them, make them a house, feed them, and turn them loose at the end of the day.  She had 12 or so turtles this year.

This is the picture Jill got when she asked Syd to “smile for the camera”.

Syd enjoying a lazy day at the house while taking a break from critter catching.

Sam and Syd like to play out in the yard and build “forts” in the tall grass.

Getting ready for the Kanza Day Parade in Winfield May ‘08.

Easter at Todd and Nancy’s.

The girls love to help out in the kitchen.  I was cooking pheasant nuggets for dinner and the girls offered to do the breading.

“How’s this Dad??”

Christmas 2008.  The girls had a lot of fun posing for our Christmas card picture.  We finally got the “right” one...after a few dozen tries!!  This is one of the out takes.

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