THE Johnson Family Webpage

Craig, Jill, Samantha & Sydney

This page includes not only our immediate family but also the rest of family and friends.Holidays, special events, pool parties, and also every day happenings will be found here.Keep an eye out, you might find YOURSELF on this page!!

All of Us

Sam, Papa, & Syd at the Family Reunion.

A truck load of cousins.

Fourth of July crab boil 2008.

These boils sure are a lot of work!!

Come and Get It!

Another successful boil in 2008!

Frying fish on Toddís new cooking rig.

Hanging out in the pool hut.Rain cut the swimming short, but it was dry in the hut!

Papa showing the girls the finer points of relaxing in the pool.

Jillís birthday dinner.I got lucky and the chicken turned out very well even fighting with Dadís grill.

Sam & Syd getting the full Cabelaís tour from their guide Jakkob.

We had good time at Cabelaís in KC.The last time Sam was there she was 6 weeks old.

Momís birthday dinner at our house.Steaks were great and we had more than enough.

Gimma and Syd adding some decoration to the driveway.

Me and my girls.

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