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Craig, Jill, Samantha & Sydney

Welcome to the Johnson Family Webpage.We have put this site together to keep our friends and family up to date on what we are up to.After looking around youíll probably notice that we are rather outdoor oriented and enjoy fishing and hunting and other outdoor recreational activities.If the weather will let us, we will be outside somewhere!!

Thanks for stopping by.


Okay, so itís been four years since Iíve updated.Weíve been busy!The girls are growing like weeds and doing very well.We have a new lab pup named Lucy and she is keeping things very exciting.

Last updated:March 10, 2013

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Spring is rapidly approaching.Weíve had our fun in the snow during our big snow storms in February.The grass has started to turn green and mid-70ís weather is forecasted for the end of next week.We are all ready for the warmer weather, the green of summer, and time on the lake.


Keep watching...Iíll try not to go FOUR YEARS between updates!